Results are out!!! Lil, as expected went through to top 12.. Scott, I'm not so much into him... He's a good entertainer but not as good singer as the others, yes there's so much passion but you're looking for the best singer here... with the whole package... I like Von Smith much better that Scott... Jorge on the other hand deserves to be there too..

The judges revealed 8 people who can compete again and be the last 3 to go through the wild card round. This would be so exciting.. Everyone in the wild card round are great.. except for Tatiana.. Hmp!!!

Wild Card Group:
  1. Von Smith
  2. Jasmine Murry
  3. Ricky Braddy
  4. Megan Corkrey
  5. Tatiana Del Toro
  6. Matt Giraud
  7. Jessy Langseth
  8. Anoop Desai