Friday, March 13, 2009

Get Informed

There are lots of issues today and most common these days are the diseases or infections that may ruin an individual’s life due to isolation like before when people used to isolate persons with leprosy. Now there are sexually transmitted diseases that are occurring that may also lead to such case. One of the most common STD’s is the genital warts where according to the studies of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, this has been transmitted to over 20 million US citizen who are carrying the Human Papillomavirus the one that causes genital warts. What is this genital wart/s? this is a sexually transmitted disease that is characterized by small benign warts around the genitals or the anus of a person. This is also called venereal warts. Symptoms of genital warts may appear in different areas depending on the gender. For male they may have it on their penis, urethra, and rectal area while for females, they may have it on their vaginal lip/s, the inside of the vagina, the uterus and the cervix. Genital Warts and Pregnancy is not really dangerous to the mother but is dangerous to the baby since they have a chance of being infected. For more information about the disease, visit the website


Chris Lanson said...

Genital warts also known as HPV Infection is caused by the human papillomavirus [HPV] of which over a hundred strains have been identified by doctors. One of these is Wartrol Genital Warts Relief. HPV being inherently contagious has a peculiar behavior, it might be within your body for up to three months without your knowledge.