Say goodbye to Jasmin Murray and Jorge Nunez, the first two that was eliminated last night from the Top 3 of American Idol Season 8. It's been a tough night. A more better song choice would have been their only chance to stay and keep singing at more rounds of Idol.

One of them may be saved by the judges, this is a big twist in Idol this season. One of the judges can save an eliminated contestant BUT on the next week 2 will be headed home.  This is to prevent happenings from the past, like when Chris Daughtry and Michael Johns, which everyone was shocked,  was eliminated very much early as expected by many. This I guess, was their solution to sustain those truly talented contestants that deserves to be in the top. Judges can only have 1 person to save for the whole elimination so they must be very careful in doing their decision. In last night's case, no one, neither Jasmine nor Jorge, has received a "saved by the judges" call. Glad to have them in the Top 13 tough.