This two people went for a battle last season of American Idol, even though Allen was entitled as the American Idol, still there a lot of fans waiting for both of their album release which was this coming November of 2009.


They went head to head on “American Idol.” Now it seems likely that this year’s top two “A.I.” winners - Adam Lambert and Kris Allen - will go mano-a-mano on the charts as well. Lambert’s record company had already announced the date of his debut album as Nov. 17th. But they had yet to trumpet a release date for the show’s actual winner, Allen. According to MTV.News, however, it looks like Allen’s CD will come out the very same day. They’re citing a pre-order post on which pegs Allen’s disc as coming Nov. 17th. Regardless of the date of Allen’s CD, some hints of its contents have been announced. The disc features performances by Fray guitarist Joe King, as well as hip-hop producer Salaam Remi, along with writing credits for Toby Gad (who produced hits for Beyonce and penned songs for Fergie), plus Lindy Robbins, who has worked with The Backstreet Boys. Allen recently told Entertainment Weekly that the album “will definitely have that pop rock thing.”