Wooooooooot!!!!!! I was shocked, like placing my hands on my mouth, and saying OH mY GOD!!!! is it really true????? Yes Indeed!!!!! Kris Allen won the title of being the next American Idol for season 8. YEs!!!!! I do like Adam, everyone does.... but I like the growth the Kris Allen had and I like the type of the Artist he is. Last night, the two of them did their best on their very last performance, but I do claim that Adam in the terms of performance is always on top amongst all. On the other hand, Kris is a really good competitor. He also performs well everytime and creates different renditions of songs that he perfoms. Either way, the two of them will surely had a great career ahead of them. Like our David Cook and Archuleta last season 8, whom recently had their back to back tour in Manila. Oh my day is soooo complete, knowing that my Kris Allen won AI!