Friday, May 1, 2009

Eric Clapton Site

Are you a big fan of Eric Clapton? Yes we all know that Eric Capton is one of the greatest singer and composer in the late 80's. Eric Clapton is such a great singer. He's the one who sung "Change the world" and the hit song "Tears in Heaven". These are just some of his many songs that we always hear in the late 80's. At you can see his biography if you want to know much about this song writer and singer. In this site you can find Eric Clapton Biography . And if you are a real fan of eric clapton and you know all the Eric Clapton Songs, of course you have his album. Well this is not bad for a fan. Since he's a really good singer. This is just some of the tips that I can give to you that you can find at his site. Eric's real name is Eric Patrick Clapton. And he was born on 30th of march 1945 at his grandparent's home at England. His father is Edward Walter fryer and his mom is Patricia Molly Clapton. This are just some that you should know about Eric Clapton. So if you want to know more visit his site and you can find there every single this you need to know about him. You can also know Eric Clapton Tour Dates in this site. So if you a fan of this man. Visit and check the site for more information of him.