This is for AI fans here in the Philippines. Many awaits and is wondering on when will American Idol Season 8 be aired in TV. Well, on my thorough research I've seen this and I'm glad to share it to you guys...

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Here's a reason to mark January 14 on your calendar: our favorite talent search, American Idol, returns to TV via Q Channel 11!

New year means change, and for AI, we are definitely in for major changes as the loud, opinionated trio of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson welcomes a new judge: record producer Kara DioGuardi, who is apparently more like Simon than Paula. If Simon always gave the deciding vote before, who would call the shots this season?

Hollywood round will be extended into two solid weeks that will let us into more group numbers.

Season 8 will also see us scrutinizing more contenders for the title as the show gets Top 36 instead of the usual 24 in the semifinals round. From the Top 36, judges will choose Top 12 after just one round of performances.

And if you enjoyed watching the Idols play their own instruments last season, you can look forward to that again as AI executives chose to retain that innovation from last year.

So get ready to start the Idol madness this month! Q-11 will air the four-hour, two-part premiere on January 14 and 15.

5pm or 6pm sa QTV ang airing nito..

Thanks to you buddy... :)


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