Auditions are running and i'm getting really excited to wath this show again, after being so happy and overwhelmed due to the success of my bet David Cook, I'm getting more excited to see new faces and new talents. Who's the next idol??? I'm definitely gonna watch out for that..

oopss.. seen this from AI official site.. just want to share to everyone else.. tsk tsk....

American Idol Scam Alert

FOX and the producers of "American Idol" have received information about a mail fraud scam using sweepstakes award letters printed on what appears to be "American Idol" letterhead and allegedly signed by creator and executive producer, Simon Fuller. The letter notifies recipients that they have been selected as a winner of a sum of money and contains fraudulent checks and a phone number to call to claim the fake "prize" checks.

FOX, the producers of "American Idol," and their subsidiary companies, do not sponsor or support any lottery, sweepstakes or prize contest that resembles the letter referred to above. The producers of "American Idol" are investigating this mail fraud in conjunction with local and national law enforcement agencies. If you receive a letter like this, please report it to the United States Postal Inspection Service at: