Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weeeee !!! Matt Giraud - Saved by Judges!!!

Oh my God.. this is a crazy night! Matt Giraud almost got home but was saved by the judges, hence made him compete again for the next coming week. I also thought, like Simon said that Matt has a little chance of winning.. but I love Him! I love his type of singing, i love his voice and I believe that he could be a very good recording artist even if he didn't win this competition! That is why I thought that the judges really made the right decision. Even the crowd got crazy, when it is to announce if Matt would go home or not.. the crowd is yelling Save! Save! Save!! haha... And so the judges finally announced that Matt is saved, and everyone rejoiced! but next week, two will be going home.. it's ok.. at least we all got the chance to see Matt G. one more time. It's a tough week next week, disco night??? Oh no... I have no idea on what will be each and everyone has to sing... looking forward on Matt G's performance next week.. and also the rest of them.. :)