Group 2's Results night are finished and my 2 bets, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta went through, together with Chris Allen, and they are now one of the top 12 of Season 8 in American Idol.


Allen, Lambert and Iraheta join 28-year-old church music director Danny Gokey from Milwaukee, 21-year-old musician Alexis Grace from Memphis, Tenn., and 27-year-old oil rig worker Michael Sarver from Jasper, Texas, who were selected as the first three finalists last week.














Next Tuesday, 12 more semifinalists will vie for three other spots in the competition's top 12. Then, previously dismissed semifinalists will get a second chance at stardom. After the first nine finalists are selected by viewer votes next Wednesday, the judges will pick the last three finalists at the end of a special wild card round next Thursday.

- I don't yet have a clue on the possible ones that will able to be included in the wild card. There is still 3rd batch so I'm gonna watch out for it and see more talents in Idol.