Here is the recap of the performances of the top 5 America's Got Talent contest.

From my Least favorite to my favorite amongst all performances. Enjoy.

Queen Emily - my rank 5, yes she can sing but you can compare her singing to anyone else.

Donald Braswell - my rank 4, loved his voice but i don't feel any charisma here

Neil E. Boyd - my rank 3, he can win this with his voice that has a very high range, and all i can say is that he sangs great, can feel the goosebumps here... i felt that he can win the competition because of sympathy, he is a cry baby.. haha, just joking! but at least he really has the talent.

Nuttin but Strings - my rank 2, i find their talent/performances really entertaining, they are so unique in this competition, who might say that they can be in the top 5? the rest are singers but even if they do a different thing they still rocks the house on every performances they made, they are so cool!

Eli Mattson - my rank 1, i love this Guy!!! Amongst all i think he will be able to make it as an international artist, even if he does not win the competition, he's good looking, has a nice voice, has own interpretation of songs, plays the piano sooo well, this multi-talented guy will surely be a certified artist internationally.