oh my, MJ is already 50. From being being a pop icon to changing his image, to child abuse trials and everything else, can Jackson make it in the industry again? Now he's on his 50's I've heard that he's working on new batch of songs. I don't really know if this would be a success but goodluck to him anyways. Age of 50 and 50 different images of MJ. I saw it - here -. See for your self, you might enjoy it as well.

As i was browsing around, there comes a site on which shows jackson's image at 50 without surgery, hmmm interesting.. and this is what i saw..

not bad huh? -pic source-


Leo Mar said...

Interesting post... i'm not really an MJ fan but he had great songs and he is certainly a music icon... A friendly visit from http://leomarsden.blogspot.com/ and http://2forlife.blogspot.com/... Have a great weekend ahead!